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DEICHMANN is the largest chain of footwear shops in Europe. It has existed since 1913. Nowadays it possesses almost 2 thousand outlets in the world, employing over 20 thousand workers. In Poland the DEICHMANN has been active since 1997. It consists of 65 outlets and employs over 1000 persons. The company’s mission and prescription for a success is of straight line: brand-name footwear in a good price. In Poland the footwear of DEICHMANN has many keen customers. DEICHMANN as the only firm on market is able to offer so wide choice of shoes, designed practically on each occasion - from sport to formal ones.  In the DEICHMANN offer we shall find both the newest trends and everlasting classical patterns. In 2004 the company DEICHMANN was awarded the Medal Europejski for Services by the Urząd Komitetu Integracji Europejskiej and Business Center Club and by the Słowo Polskie - the Gazeta Wrocławska  - was titled as the Sport Sponsor of a Year in the Dolny Śląsk. The collection of season the spring / summer 2007 will be sensual, elegant and dazzling. The imitations of a crocodile’s leather and precious stones as well as little diamond-like marks will be fashionable this season. The elegance and femininity will be the main features of shoes with round fronts in style of the 40s and those of sharp noses as well. Buckles, smocking and gentle applications, which enter also to offices this season, will add femininity to the straight lines of classic models. Exotic motives will be also fashionable: ingenious floral applications, leopard spots as well as textiles adorned with flowers and fruit's motives. The women will wear pumps with thongs, spotted pumps girding the heel as well as from open front on the average height of the heels, as well as the stiletto sandals and ballerinas of "duck” heel. Flip-flops will be adorned by diamond-like marks and colourful glasses during incoming season. Fruit colours, pastels, intense green, turquoise, yellow as well as black and whiteness will dominate during next season. The comfort and intentional nonchalance of style will be characteristic in sport ballerinas, the gentle shoes of sneaker and moccasins - a new trend in spring fashion. The light, elastic soles, insertion from knitwear of mesh and turn-buckles adorning the sport style footwear will  associate the thoughts of an extravagant elegance just from tennis clubs and nautical in the 20s and the 30s last century. Here the dominative ones will be the imitations of velvet will reign in pastels, juicy grow green and pink in connection with white. Bags, similarly like shoes, will be adorned by the imitations of stones and crocodile’s leather during coming season. The majority of those will be elegant, small and middle-sized. The motives of fruit and flowers will appear also on bags. The most fashionable colours of bags in season the spring / summer 2005 will be pink, blue and yellow.


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