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Douglas is the largest international chain of perfume shops in Europe. For 4 years it has been well-known also in Poland where at present exist 18 perfume shops. Next openings of perfume shops are being prepared as well. The perfume shops Douglas offers the largest choice in Poland of world brand-name and Polish products of caring lines and make-up. In Douglas perfume shops it has been possible to meet the newest and the most fashionable aromatic lines. Douglas perfume shops are well-known all over the world. They owe their success to the universal philosophy of beauty, professional service as well as life style: beauty - service - lifestyle. Life-style of perfume shops Douglas is created by the assistants professionally prepared to give the individual consultations and advices on caring, make-up as well as selection of perfumes. At each perfume shops one can be presented free make-up. We invite to Douglas perfume shop in GALAXY CENTRE. Only in Douglas perfume shop the individually selected make-up and professional advice are awaiting for You. Douglas perfume shops and life becomes beautiful!


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