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GALAXY is currently the largest shopping and entertainment centre in the West Pomeranian region and the only centre in Stettin with such functional programme. Located in the very heart of Stettin, at one of the main traffic junction, it constitutes an integral part of the city centre.
GALAXY consists of two parts - the older one, opened in 2003 and the new one, launched in 2017 - connected with one another by shopping arcades at levels 0 and 1. The individual levels of Galaxy are interconnected by sidewalks and escalators as well as panoramic elevators and staircases.
The communication solutions adapted by the Centre enable the disabled to fully access all of the functions on all of the levels. The main entrances were designed in such a way that they can be accessed directly from the level of surrounding sidewalks.
The Centre is connected with the city’s traffic network with a system that enables free motor traffic.
The Centre may be accessed directly from the individual parking levels, and the underground part is linked with the Centre by elevators and moving sidewalks. The information point is located in the central part of the atrium, at the joint between the two parts of the Centre.
A 21 meters high fountain, located in the middle of the old part of the object, is the largest object of this kind in the whole region. The two buildings , constituting the single block of the Centre, are covered with glass domes, the one over the new part is 43 meters in diameter - it is 3 meters wider than the dome over the Berlin’s Reichstag.
The construction of the new part of the Galaxy involved a complete replacement of the façade. A modern, glass and aluminium façade not only integrates both parts of the building but also gives the Galaxy an entirely new image, what influences also the presence of this part of the city.
The GALAXY Centre enjoys an unabated popularity amongst the customers. It is visited every year by approximately 11 millions of people. We make constant efforts to make our customers feel comfortable. And we try our best to meet the changing needs. Thanks to all this, in the recent years the object has become a laureate of many prestigious awards:

Zloty Laur Klienta 2017 (customer’s golden laurel) and Grand Prix Laur Klienta 2017 (grand prix customer’s laurel)

The Best Shopping Centre of the year 2014, in the category “quality of consumers’ experiences” - the competition of Retail.net and Shopping Centre Poland

BREEAM In-Use Certificate
Code for a Sustainable Built Environment BES 5058 Part1 (certificate number BUIP10000377) and part 2 (certificate number BUIP20000344) with note: Very Good

1st place in the readers’ plebiscite of Kurier Szczeciński - „My shopping centre 2012”

The 2011 Quality Certificate– a place amongst TOP 10 best shopping centres in Poland in the “Quality of the Services at the Shopping Centres” programme

Polska rada Centrów Handlowych (polish shopping centres board) PRCH Retail Awards 2010 – the best 2010 Shopping Centre in the Management and Operation category

The 2nd degree prize for the realization of the Shopping and Entertainment Centre in Stettin, to Echo Investment SA, granted by Polski Związek Inżynierów i Techników Budownictwa (Polish Association of Engineers and Construction Technicians)
In the GALAXY Centre, the customers can enjoy the offer of 190 premises and different service points, as well as the AUCHAN hypermarket. The clothes and shoe shops prevail in the Centre. Customers are welcome to shop at: two-level RESERVED, H&M, ZARA, HOUSE, DEICHMANN, the first Stettin’s salesrooms of FOREVER 21, ALDO and Tommy Hilfiger, as well as the largest in Poland, with the area of 2300 square meters, modern CCC salesroom. You can also find here numerous shops with interior design items and household items – HOME & YOU, DUKA, Le Creuset and the first Stettin’s regular shop of TEFAL Home & Cook chain. Thanks to the facility enlargement, our customers can enjoy the offer of RTV EURO AGD, the only MEDIA EXPERT store on this side of the river, and also the salesrooms of SONY CENTER and SAMSUNG. The salesrooms of all major drugstore and perfumery chains have also found their place in the Centre - DOUGLAS, SEPHORA, ROSSMAN, HEBE and SUPER-PHARM, which also runs a pharmacy. We are also not lacking in optical premises, our customers can choose from VISION EXPRESS, SUNLOOX and OPTYK TRENDY. A new, bigger salesroom of the SMYK chain offers everything our youngest customers have the need for, and its offer is completed by the ŚWIAT ZABAWEK. The ŚWIAT KSIĄŻKI bookstore, together with the EMPIK store will satisfy the needs of all keen readers. The jewellery salesrooms of the brands recognized in Poland – APART, W.KRUK, YES, JUBITOM, SVAROWSKI and Jubiler Terpiłowski- are also here, and if someone is interested in buying a watch from the world’s best brands, they should visit the SWISS and TIME TREND salesrooms. Our commercial offer is completed by the travel agencies, mobile phones salesrooms, banks, a florist, a laundry, a key making point, a cobbler and a photocopying point. There are also two hairdresser’s saloons and a manicure point. In the underground parking area, you can find a carwash with a point of sale, replacement and repair of tyres. To facilitate the shopping at the Centre, from October to May, there is a functioning cloakroom on the -1 level, and the customers may also use luggage lockers on the 2nd level at the entrance to the multi-level parking.

190 shops on the area of 58 thousands square meters

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1500 parking spots

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On the multi-level and underground parking lots, we prepared 1500 parking spots for our customers. The unguarded parking of CHR Galaxy is equipped in an information system concerning availability of free parking spots. At the entrance, there are boards indicating the number of free spots on every parking level, and on each single level, every spot is marked with light – green for a free spot and red for an occupied one. Blue lights signalize free parking spots for the disabled. The whole system is very legible and it helps to find a free spot quite quickly, without unnecessary driving around the parking levels.

To facilitate shopping at our Centre and unblock the overcrowded parking lots, we decided to introduce a parking fee. The first hour is free for all drivers so there is no problem with quick shopping. We are, however, aware of the fact that most of our clients spend much more time at our Centre. Due to the fact that we would like our customers to be the ones who take advantage of the parking lot, because of the excellent communication with the hypermarket and the rest of the Centre’s area, we introduced a special parking promotion for people shopping at our Centre. Everyone who makes at least 50 PLN worth of shopping on any day of the week in our Centre, and shows the receipt at the information centre, will get four free parking hours. This promotion does not include tobacco products, alcohol drinks or medicaments. You can find more details in here…
GALAXY is not only a great place for shopping, but also an excellent idea to spend your free time with friends or family. The entertainment part of our Centre is located on the 2nd level. If you looking for all the newest movie hits, you can find them in MULTIKINO, which can seat at the same time up to 2200 viewers in 9 movie halls. The movies are displayed on a 1000 square meters of screens in Dolby digital surround EX system. After the cinematographic thrills we invite you to MK Bowling bowling club, which, besides 14 bowling tracks, houses also pool tables and the biggest Game Town in Stettin with 40 arcade games for children and youth. Children can also visit the Jupi Park, which is a play room. Here, supervised by the professional care takers, they can revel all they want. The grown-up lovers of an active lifestyle can take advantage of all the Fitness Club CALYPSO attractions, from early morning hours to late evening hours.

In GALAXY there are a lot of coffee-houses and restaurants, you can find them on each and every level of both old and new part of the Centre. Most of them are focused around the food court in the old part of the object. Everyone will find something for themselves – the restaurants gathered here offer the dishes of Polish, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Thai and American cuisine, as well as fusion cuisine, fish, salads, smoothies and sandwiches.

Infinite possibilities of spending your free time

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