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Bata was established in 1894 in Czechs. Nowadays it is one of the largest world manufacturers and retailers of footwear. It possesses over 5 000 stores. Bata Company is active in 68 countries. In Poland it initiated its activity in 1992. Bata’s offer includes elegant, everyday and for different occasions shoes and children's and sport footwear as well. Bata tries to recognize consumers' needs, identify these needs closely in order to provide consumers with products that satisfy their requirements due to their quality, style and value. At present Bata Poland Sp. z o .o. has 15 stores ( 2 City Stores, 12 Super Store and 1 outlet) In our City Stores situated at the prime commercial locations in centers of towns we offer our clients complex assistance using the selling and presentation techniques at the right selection of suitable footwear and purchase. In Super Stores situated in Commercial Centers our staff assists customers giving the professional information and help in shopping.

Bata 91 483 96 30 www.bata.pl

Entertainment part open until late hours at night.